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Bird Control for the Jersey Shore

Bird Control for the Jersey Shore

Almost every beach or waterway deals with seagulls, and the Jersey Shore has no shortage of these pest birds.

If you're curious about bird control for the Jersey Shore read on to learn more.

What Kinds of Damage Can Seagulls Do?

Whether you live on the Jersey Shore, you're visiting, or you have a business there, you may think of seagulls as part of the landscape. Unfortunately, these birds can cause serious damage to health and property if they are not kept under control.

One of the downsides to dealing with seagulls and other pest birds is their loud noises. These birds have a high-pitched screech that can make a relaxing vacation on the shore less enjoyable.

Aside from the noise, pest birds tend to swoop toward humans, particularly during the nesting season in an attempt to protect their young. Nesting season can last anywhere between three to five months typically beginning around April and continuing through the end of July.  Large numbers of seagulls around your business could cause patrons to move on just so they can get away from these pest birds.

When seagulls defecate, their feces can cause a myriad of serious health problems. There are over 60 diseases in bird waste that can be communicable to humans. Seagulls will defecate anywhere including on cars, picnic tables, rooftops, and on the boardwalk.

Droppings look unsightly when they dry resulting in an unkempt appearance. If there's a large population of pest birds in the area, their waste is more than just visually unappealing, it can also be a public health risk. 

Seagulls also produce regurgitated matter that can get into the water supply or even in swimming pools. Their large size means that they can damage structures, especially if they decide to make an attic, gutters, or vent system their home.

Certain species of gulls make it difficult for other sea birds to breed in the same area, which can have a negative effect on the environment and the bird population. They also tend to attack other birds and have even been known to attack marine animals like turtles!

Bird Control for Your Boardwalk Business and Shore Home

It's easy to see why pest birds can damage your business and your Jersey Shore home. With a combination of dangerous waste and potential damage to structures, how can you remove these birds in a humane, effective way?

The first way to reduce or even eliminate birds near your property is to remove any food sources. Get rid of bird feeders, and if you own a business, post signs asking patrons not to feed seagulls.

When pest birds have an easy food source, they'll make the area their home. Flat areas like parking garages and roofs are enticing to these pest birds as well. Make sure you block all points of entry where birds can sneak in and build their nest.

Since the uric acid in seagull waste can eat away your paint and cause property damage, it's crucial to ensure you're doing everything possible to keep these pest birds at bay. Bacteria in their waste can also carry serious diseases like avian influenza. When dealing with pest birds, consider using a professional bird removal service, like Bird Doctor, to help you.


Bird Doctor’s Approach to Jersey Shore Bird Control

Bird Doctor uses a special approach custom to your bird removal needs. Bird Doctor will ensure that you receive a written report of their findings and propose an effective and permanent solution to your bird problem.

The IPM approach Bird Doctor uses is a humane, ecosystem-based strategy that uses deterrents or decoys and eliminates nearby food sources. The goal is to reduce the pest birds' sources of food, water, and shelter to encourage them to move on.

The Bird Doctor team uses exclusion measures to keep pest birds from making your property their home. This approach may include the use of spikes or netting that serves as an effective deterrent. Depending on your bird problem, Bird Doctor may also set traps, use repellents, or physically remove any nests that are present.

Bird Doctor provides a full sanitizing service that includes waste removal, and disinfection. Waste from birds can add up over time and pose a serious threat to health and safety.

With the cleaning and sanitizing process, the waste removal team will eliminate the debris and prevent bacteria via powerful disinfectants. All waste is removed and disposed of, and your property is sanitized to ensure a clean environment for all.

Say Goodbye to Pest Birds

While some birds add beauty to our world, others can become a serious problem. Practice proper bird control methods to ensure that your home or business doesn't get overrun by these pest birds.

Viking is the best choice for all your commercial and residential bird and pest control needs, call us today for a free and no-obligation estimate at 1-800-618-2847.

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