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Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! Contrary to the popular phrase, not letting these bugs bite is harder than you think, no matter how tight you sleep! Over the past few years the reported incidents of bed bugs in the United States has grown significantly. This increase has been substantial enough that the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) with the help of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have started a Bed Bug Awareness Week. April 20th-26th is National Bed Bug Awareness Week. The purpose of this week is to educate people on bed bugs, and bed bug treatments.

Bed bugs are small reddish-brown bugs. They are very resistant creatures who can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. These bugs will bite humans for their nourishment and typically leave an itchy, small, red mark on their victim as a sign of their offense. However, as much as they enjoy to eat they do have the ability to survive for long periods of time without a meal. These bugs are not just confined to living in or around beds. These dreaded insects like soft, dark areas to reside in and have been found in such places as:

  • luggage
  • carpets
  • upholstered furniture
  • laundry containers
  • behind picture frames
  • mattresses
  • behind outlet covers

And lots of other places. They are good at hitching a ride along with humans and their property, which is why they spread throughout our society so easily. They are not finicky about where they live. Bed bugs have been reported in places like:

  • single and multiple family unit residences
  • dormitories
  • office buildings
  • retail stores
  • movie theaters
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • public transportation

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People are traveling further and more frequently in today's world. This makes the movement of bed bugs more often and wide spread. Preventing bed bug exposure and dispersion in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland is not a good way to try and avoid these pests. Knowing a few simple steps can prevent you and your family being transportation for them.  Below are some recommendations from the local bed bug extermination experts at Viking Pest Control.

  1. Be informed!
    Ask your hotel, motel or condo about bed bugs. What kind of prevention tools do they currently have in place to prevent bed bugs? Do they have a maintenance plan that monitors for new bed bug incidents? To check for bed bug reports associated with your hotel click here. Spread the news with your family and travel companions just how important bed bug prevention is. The more we all know how to reduce bed bug exposure in our lives the less of a problem they will be in our lives.
  2. Pack with precaution!
    Packing is an important step for keeping unwanted travelers from climbing aboard. Put all your clothes in plastic sealed bags. Use hard sided luggage when possible. Keep your clothing and luggage sealed in plastic as much as possible while traveling and during your stay.
  3. Investigate your surroundings!
    Be sure to check out your living and sleeping space thoroughly when arriving. At any signs of possible bed bug presence, notify the front office and request another room.
  4. Unpack with precaution!
    Unpack your luggage outside of your home, if possible. Inspect everything for signs of bed bugs. Wash and dry your clothing as soon as possible. Inspect and clean all luggage. Keep an eye out for possible signs that bed bugs may have come home with you.

Knowing about bed bugs and their prevention is important for everyone. If you think you may have an issue with bed bugs the best way to rid yourself of them is to call a professional NJ, PA, DE, or MD extermination, like Viking Pest Control . If you are wondering how to get rid of bed bugs in your home or business then give Viking Pest Control a call! Our certified and trained bed bug exterminators will be there promptly to help you with any bed bug issues you may have.

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