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When people hear the name “bed bug”, besides being immediately repelled, their mind typically thinks hotels and motels, since this is where these parasitic pests are often found living and where many people do accidentally come into contact with them. Unfortunately, though, bed bugs are not just an issue for people and families who do a lot of traveling, bed bugs have the potential to be found in most any public place. The bed bug’s favorite food is human blood, and to make sure that they have easy access to their favorite food source, bed bugs are found living in almost any public place, places that you may overlook or not be aware of including movie theaters, nursing homes, hospitals, shopping centers, libraries and even schools – universities, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

Bed Bugs At School

Bed bugs find their way into schools just like they find their way into any public place, they will hitchhike their way in, typically on clothing, in backpacks, in bags, or on people. To help protect your child from coming into contact with bed bugs during their school day we want to suggest the following prevention tips.

  • Teach your child how important it is that they hang up their coats, backpacks, and other belongings on their specific hook. Do not leave personal belongings in piles on the floor with other kids’ coats and belongings.
  • Make sure to educate your child on what a bed bug looks like. Adults are an apple-seed shaped insect (flat, oval-shaped) with six legs, and they are brownish-red in color.
  • Explain to your child what bed bug bites look like. Mosquito-like bites that form a line or are in a cluster. The bites are usually surrounded by a rash and are itchy.
  • If your child is in college, make sure that they know what the signs of a bed bug infestation are. Black streaks or red dots of blood on mattresses, box springs, linens, and pillows. There may also be a musty smell in their dorm room, or they may find piles of shed skins underneath of mattresses or on the floor.

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How to Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

To protect your home from being invaded by bed bugs it is important to make sure that you regularly wash all outerwear and backpacks that your child uses on a daily basis in hot water, followed by a spin in the dryer on the highest heat setting. It is also important that you have a clear understanding of what bed bugs look like and the signs of their presence. If you or your child ever notice bed bugs or signs of bed bugs in their school, it is important to quickly notify the school administration so that they can take immediate action.

What To Do If You See A Bed Bug

If you ever notice bed bugs or their signs in your home, business or educational institution, contact Viking Pest Control immediately. We can come quickly to your aid and provide the effective, professionals services needed to rapidly eliminate bed bugs from any size property. To learn more about our bed bug control services, give us a call today!

Call Viking at 800-618-2847 to learn more about our bed bug control and extermination services, or get a fast, free quote online today!

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