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Having bed bugs inside your home can be a real source of anxiety for anyone. When it comes to bed bug problems while living in an apartment, you may feel as though you should have some sort of protection from these pests, because bed bugs are a problem for your landlord, right? Actually, how bed bug control is handled in an apartment living situation varies all over the country; there are very few state laws specific to the bed bug epidemic that state who should be responsible for paying for bed bug treatment services. Recently in New Hampshire a law was passed to help determine who should pay for a bed bug infestation and how these problems should be addressed.

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How Can I Protect Myself From Bed Bugs

After taking into consideration lots of different points of view in regards to the bed bug concerns of landlords and their tenants, the Law, which passed the Legislature and was signed by NH Gov. Maggie Hassan, will take effect on January 1st 2014. It states that landlords have the obligation to investigate a report of bed bugs and then take reasonable measures to remediate the infestation within a 7 day window. Should the landlord fail to meet this obligation, the tenant then has the option to go to their local circuit court and file an action to force the landlord to follow those measures for remediation. Once the landlord has had the bed bug remediation performed, the bill for the treatment can then be sent to the tenant, if it has been determined that the tenant is responsible for the infestation. This law was created to help balance the interests of those involved, including both landlords and tenants, both having responsibilities to follow in the event of a bed bug infestation.

If you are a renter or a landlord in New Jersey, it’s important to recognize the responsibilities you may have in the event of a bed bug infestation. Although there are no laws in New Jersey at this time for who is responsible for bed bug control in a landlord/tenant relationship, it is important to recognize that both landlords and tenants have some responsibilities when it comes to these problems and these pests should never, ever be ignored.

Although bed bugs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland in a multi housing environment can be tricky, one phone call to the bed bug exterminators at Viking Pest Control can help eliminate these pests. We will look for signs of infestation, including bed bug fecal spots, shed bed bug skins and even bed bug bites upon your skin. In a multi-housing facility, we recommend treatment of adjacent rooms or apartments and then we can also offer mattress and box spring covers to prevent future bites. For bed bug removal the professionals at Viking Pest Control are your best option! We can carefully identify all areas of infestation and then treat the problem to eliminate these pests and reduce any anxiety you may have related to these pests. We never recommend DIY bed bug control; there are no products or materials that you can buy online or at your local hardware store to eliminate these pests, so professional control for these pests is the best option. Contact the pros at Viking Pest Control today for exceptional bed bug control services for your NJ, PA, MD, or DE property.

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