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Deer ticks in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland do spread Lyme disease. Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness month? We’re recognizing it here a Viking Pest Control by reminding those of you living in NJ, PA, MD, and DE to keep an eye out for the parasite that spreads Lyme disease: the deer tick.  The warm weather brings these pests back out in large numbers, looking to feast on the blood of our pets or even ourselves.  How can you prevent being bitten by a tick this summer? Read on for tick prevention tips from your local pest control experts at Viking Pest Control!

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How Can I Protect My Family From Ticks?

Ticks don’t jump or fly, so how do they land on you and your pets? They are master hitchhikers, climbing up bushes and tall vegetation and dropping off on warm-blooded animals.  Here are ways to prevent tick bites this summer:

  1. Wear light colored clothing- this allows you to spot a tick easily on your clothes before it has a chance to make its way to your skin.
  2. Keep long hair tied back- if your hair is blowing in the wind, it could easily pick up a waiting tick.
  3. Use DEET repellents outdoors- this will deter many insects, including ticks.
  4. Use the center of a trail when walking outdoors and try not to venture into heavily wooded areas.
  5. Make sure your pets are protected from ticks by using monthly tick prevention solutions.
  6. Keep your skin covered- wear close-toed shoes, keep your arms and legs covered and wear a hat; if ticks can’t find your skin, they won’t be able to bite.
  7. When you come indoors, make sure to do a ‘tick check’ on everyone who has been outside, include Fido and Fluffy.

Following all of these prevention methods should help to make sure that your family stays tick free this summer. Keeping your family safe from ticks and the possibility of Lyme disease is important; Lyme disease can be a serious and debilitating disease, causing joint problems, nervous system problems and even heart problems.  If you have followed these prevention tips and are still concerned that you may be harboring ticks on your property, contact the professionals at Viking Pest Control for more information on our Yard Guard mosquito and tick control solution.

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