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Termites are found in every state except Alaska with the Eastern subterranean termite being the most common and widely disbursed termite variety in the U.S. Ranging from southern Canada through the eastern half of the U.S. to southern Texas, the Eastern subterranean termite is active throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern Shore of Maryland. In high activity areas, the New Jersey Pest Management Association estimates that one in five homes will be invaded by termites.

What Damage Can Termites Really Cause?

Now that you know termites are a common pest here in New Jersey, you are probably wondering how serious a problem they can be.  Termite wood damage can be costly to your home. The single greatest economic pest in the U.S., subterranean termites cause significant damage to more than 600,000 homes every year, costing homeowners more than $1.5 billion annually. Highly efficient social insects, termites live in large family groups called colonies that can number in the millions. A large colony of termites may forage for food over an area the size of a football field.

Termites feed on the structural wood of homes and buildings, porches, decks, wooden sheds, free-standing utility or fence poles, and other timber structures. Termites can cause irreparable structural damage and even structural collapse. While they feed primarily on wood, termites will consume any cellulose-based product, including paper, books, documents, and photographs. They may infest living trees or shrubs, but are usually secondary invaders of plants already in decline. In their search for sustenance, termites have been known can cause serious damage to insulation, swimming pool liners, filtration systems, and many other materials.

Unfortunately home insurance policies do not usually cover damages caused by termites.  During construction, many new homes are treated with a perimeter chemical soil barrier to protect against termite invasion. However, these soil barrier treatments begin to break down after about five years, exposing the home to termite risk.

To learn more about termites in NJ, PA, MD, and DE and how you can protect your home from these destructive pests, contact your local termite control experts at Viking Pest Control.

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