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Anticimex SMART vs. DIY Mouse Control

Anticimex SMART vs. DIY Mouse Control

A Google search for “DIY Mouse Control” returns no shortage of options. Traps, baits, noise makers, repellant sprays and more compete for the attention of the DIY mouse hunter. But these solutions are limited to where you can go, what you can see and when you are awake. Further, catching one mouse, one at a time is inefficient at best when mice breed by the hundreds.  Too often you'll find yourself treating a symptom instead of the disease. 

Fortunately, the Future of rodent control is here. Anticimex SMART is an entire house-wide digital rodent control system that is nothing like what’s on the U.S. market today; A system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Anticimex SMART technology consists of Smart Connect Minis and Smart Connect Eyes. Each device communicates with each other and back to Viking headquarters. They tell Viking where the mouse pressure is high, so they know where mice congregate so that pest technicians can attack the problem at the source and end the infestation permanently. With innovative SMART technology from Anticimex, our clients never have to even think about mice in their homes, much less remove one from a snap trap themselves. They have better things to do than pest control. That’s our job.

It’s Time to Get SMART! Anticimex SMART is an intelligent, environmentally-friendly pest control system that uses infrared sensors to detect mouse activity that you wouldn't be able to see yourself. It operates 24/7 and never need to sleep or take a break. SMART technology gives you the peace of mind to store valuables and heirlooms anywhere in your home without worry about damage from mice. Many aspects of life are “smart” these days. Your phone, your doorbell, your heating system, your garage door. So why not smart pest control?

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