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7 Steps to Protect Yourself During the Coronavirus Outbreak

7 Steps to Protect Yourself During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Although most people only heard about the coronavirus a couple weeks ago, it has already altered the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the world. From lock-downs of entire communities to changes in the way we interact with one another, health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are asking everyone to quickly adapt to our new reality. 

An important part of combating the Coronavirus virus epidemic is following the health and safety guidelines established by the CDC and WHO. Current guidelines for the public outline several non-medical steps that everyone should be taking to stem the outbreak and minimize their chances of contracting the virus. These recommendations apply to people of all ages, living anywhere in the country.

What steps can you take today to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus?

1. Regularly wash your hands. 

The importance of regularly washing your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds cannot be stressed enough. According to the CDC, “Regular handwashing, particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.” 

When you’re on the go, hand sanitizer is the next best thing. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can reduce the number of microbes on your hands, but they are not as effective as the classic hand wash. 

2. Avoid touching your face.

Even if you do manage to wash your hands very often, you will still pick up some bacteria on your hands throughout the day. The best way to protect your body from bacteria and viruses is to avoid touching your face, especially your nose, eyes, and mouth. These parts of your body have less of a natural defense system to protect against invasive bacteria and can easily become the entryway for dangerous germs.  

3. Sanitize your home and business space.

Cleaning your hands regularly is no use if you live or work in an unsanitary environment. Set up a sanitization schedule to thoroughly disinfect your home or office regularly, paying special attention to spaces that are heavily used by multiple people. Make sure to use an approved disinfectant that has been shown to have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

To help you meet these ends, Viking Pest Control offers Pro-Clean a disinfectant and sanitization method that combines several disinfectant techniques to dramatically reduces the number of bacteria and viruses in a cleansed space, including Coronavirus, Influenza, and H1N1 Virus. Viking Pro-Clean Disinfecting and Sanitization Treatments can be done in both residential and commercial properties throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland on a regular schedule to guarantee maximum viral threat reduction. 

Viking Pest’s Pro-Clean Disinfectant and Sanitization treatment can be used anytime you need to clean and sanitize the following:

  • Homes
  • Business facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Childcare location
  • Bars /restaurants/cafeterias/ fast food operations, & supermarkets
  • Retail stores
  • Public restrooms or home facilities
  • Home kitchens and bathrooms, common living areas
  • Spas, tanning salons, health clubs
  • Cruise lines, airline terminals, shipping terminals and more

For treatment methods, Viking will be conducting a combination of fogging, wiping down, misting, and arsenal treatments throughout critical areas.  This application has been proven and is an effective treatment towards reducing harmful bacteria and emerging viruses, including common colds, Coronavirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza A, and H1N1 Virus.

4. Practice social distancing.

Social distancing is the practice of maintaining a certain distance between people in groups, put in place to help minimize the spread of the Coronavirus throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Health officials currently recommend people to social distance themselves with a space of at least 6-feet . Many local governments have also banned people from gathering in groups of more than 10 people.

5. Always cover your cough and sneeze into your elbow.

When you sneeze or cough, tiny liquid droplets from your nose and mouth are spread into the air for several feet around you. It is paramount that if you must sneeze or cough, you do so into a tissue or your elbow. These droplets can easily be breathed in by nearby people and cause the virus to spread.

6. Stay home if you are mildly sick.

Health experts estimate that millions of people will eventually fall ill from the Coronavirus, but the vast majority will survive the pandemic. If you think you may have the virus or another illness but do not need emergent care, avoid going straight to the hospital. Try to treat yourself at home so that you don’t inadvertently spread your illness or further weaken your compromised immune system.

7. Seek medical care if you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.

If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing or any of these symptoms in addition to a serious underlying condition (like heart or lung disease), contact your doctor or nearest hospital for guidance. If you need to go to the hospital, it is important to call ahead to make sure they are taking new patients and to prepare for your arrival (if necessary). 

Viking Pest Control is dedicated to doing everything we can to help our community through this pandemic. We designed our new Viking Pro-Clean Disinfecting and Sanitization Treatments to greatly reduce the number of dangerous bacteria and viruses in your home or work environment and an essential part of your Coronavirus response strategy. Contact a Viking Pest Control representative to learn about setting up regular sanitization treatments for your home or business today. Or visit Viking’s Pro-Clean webpage, where you may learn more about our disinfectant and sanitization services. 

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