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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Continued Pest Control Services

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Continued Pest Control Services

Pests can cause serious damage to your business even without employees or customers present. While many places of business have had to temporarily close their doors it is still important, now more than ever, to maintain continued pest control services.  Many public health pests are considered cryptic by nature and prefer to hide in places people are not, making vacant locations suitable for pests to thrive.

Read on for a list of five reasons why every business should have continued commercial pest control service.

1. Pests Can Destroy Your Investment

Whether it's ants, rodents, or other common pests, the presence of pest activity can damage your business and its structure.  Pests such as drain flies easily inhabit and live almost anywhere that water accumulates.  These pests thrive in conditions with standing water and are frequently found in sink or floor drains.   If you have a rodent, or several rodents, in your business, they can chew up electrical wiring that can result in a fire. With a temporary pause in business activity it is important to be aware that these pests may be present in your business and have the potential to multiply quickly. 

2. You'll Save Time and Money

As a business, you can save money with a commercial pest control service contract. A service plan with Viking Pest can cover you throughout the year. Regularly scheduling pest control services ensures your building is safe and sound, reducing or eliminating the need for pest related repairs.

Finding and eliminating pests before they get out of control can save you time and money in the long run. With a professional pest control company, like Viking Pest, when pests are discovered and removed, you will no longer have to spend your time focusing on them.

3. Tailored Treatment

When you choose commercial pest control services from Viking Pest experts take over to ensure a pest-free workplace. Viking understands the needs of your specific industry and will use targeted methods specific to your business’ needs to prevent and eliminate pests.

A professional pest control provider, like Viking Pest, understands the importance of finding the source of the problem. Viking will work with your team to pinpoint where pests are getting inside so you can have peace of mind.

4. Keep your Customers and Staff Happy

Protecting your business from pests is not just for the public side of operations. Pest activity can affect all aspects of business, including productivity. While many customers and employees may temporarily not be frequenting your place of business, it is still important to monitor and control any pest activity.  By maintaining continued pest control service you can be sure once everyone is able to return to regular operation your business is pest free.  The professionals at Viking Pest can eliminate your pests and ensure your place of business is a healthier environment for all.

5. You're Handling the Problem Before it Gets Out of Control

Choosing Viking Pest Control means that you're cutting off the problem before it becomes a serious hazard. With the right pest control measures in place, you'll be able to handle the issue before it evolves.

If you spot any signs of pests in your place of business, call a pest control company, like Viking Pest, immediately. If you don't already have a contract, now is the time to consider one for ongoing treatment. Eliminating pests immediately, is the best way to prevent future infestations from affecting your daily business operations.

Keep Your Business Clean with Viking Pest Control

By choosing regular pest control services, you can stop problems before they get out of hand. Consider an ongoing commercial pest control contract so you'll have scheduled inspections and maintenance all year round.

Viking is also proud to offer SMART digital pest monitoring.  SMART allows the professionals at Viking Pest to monitor rodent activity 24/7.  With this real time data, the Viking team can proactively predict and prevent infestations before they happen.  With real time data Viking technicians will be informed when rodent activity is present, and where, limiting the need for human interaction.  SMART pest control data gives Viking technicians insights into hot spots within your business, allowing them to target these areas and eliminate pest activity at the source.

Your business may have multiple locations, and so does Viking. With various field offices ready to serve each of your company’s locations at a moment’s notice, you get the national coverage you need, with the local and immediate customer care for which Viking is known. Viking is the best choice for all your commercial pest control needs, so be sure to visit our website and call us today for a free and no-obligation estimate at 1-800-618-2847.

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