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Many people don’t think squirrels are a problem when they are hanging outside. Aside from squirrels swinging from your bird-feeders and swiping from your garden, are they a bigger threat than they may appear? Yes, squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage inside and outside your home. Here are five reasons why you don’t want squirrels in your home.

  1. They are a safety concern:  When squirrels are in your attic, they gnaw on everything from boards and papers to live wires. A gnawing squirrel is building a nest to welcome a new brood of babies into your home, but they are also a fire hazard. The gnawing leaves wires exposed, which can put your home at risk for fire. The worst part about that is that squirrels like to nest where they are unseen and undisturbed. That means a fire that starts in your attic and walls will spread quickly before you ever notice it.
  2. Squirrel waste makes you sick too:  A squirrel’s feces is a source of disease. The most common diseases found in squirrel droppings are salmonella and leptospirosis. Salmonella can cause typhoid fever, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, enteric fever, and more; and leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can cause vomiting, fever, aches, headaches, and stomach pains. Many people mistake leptospirosis for the flu.
  1. Dead squirrel is a tough smell to get rid of:  Squirrels like to hide, so if one dies, good luck finding it. Squirrels have been known to die in walls, under floors, in vents, and in crawl spaces. Once you start smelling the dead squirrel, the damage is done. It will continue to emit an inescapable odor that often requires professional cleaning even after the body has been removed by professionals.
  2. They can ruin your car:  If a squirrel gets into your house, sneaking into your garage is even easier. Squirrels will gnaw on wires and may enter the engine compartment of your vehicle to hide and to stay warm. If your car is parked for the winter or it’s your holiday traveler, a squirrel can turn it into their personal refuge and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages in the meantime. You will find out quickly that your car insurance isn’t happy about paying for damage done by rodents.
  3. Squirrels can ruin the look of your home:  Squirrels will chew holes in the fascia and siding of your home. They will also lift and chew on roof shingles, cause damage to the HVAC system, claw their way into vents and gutters, and chew on window sills and door frames. The damage can cost you thousands.

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